We all are connected.

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We are all connected- I am sure you are familiar with this well-known phrase. But what does it mean?

As per Newton’s Third Law: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. So, any act that we perceive as inconsequential can have a rippling effect in the world. An invisible force of energy connects us, and that’s why our actions, words, and thoughts matter.

We are the actor, writer, and director of out life story. Along the way we are given given directions about how to live, who to meet, and what to do. …

To love yourself, you need to stop lying to yourself.

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Very few embark on the journey of self-love. If you ask the average person on the street, “Do you love yourself?”. They would probably say, “Of course! What is there not to love?” followed by jokes and maybe a snicker.

Those who have taken an inward journey to understand themselves might find this question hard to answer.

When I ask the same question to my clients, they hesitate, and most respond with, “I am working on it.”

Loving yourself is not merely salt baths and massages. Deep inner work delves into knowing your self-worth and how you want to be…

Death is sacred and death is here to help you live.

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As I lay staring at the hospital lights, the sounds of machines beeping and monitoring my heart rate, I feel only affection. My soul is filled with love for friends, family, and the staff trying to save my life.

I promised to hold on to this feeling every day after my surgery. Was I scared? Yes. I had processed my mortality in the days and weeks leading up to this moment. I had cried, even wrote out my last wishes of how and where I wanted my ashes to…

Giving control to someone else in the hardest of times.

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You cannot touch it. You can only feel it.

When nothing makes sense, and all your hopes and prayers seem to have been unheard, that is when you need to trust.

What happens when the job you desperately sought did not materialize? Your earnest relationship did not blossom ? Family, money, career, health we pray for these things, think positively about them, manifest the hell out of our thoughts. We do everything right, yet it does not matter if the result does not match our expectations.

When you want something, there is an image of how you will achieve the…

The unknown is waiting for you.

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All was unknown to us at one point in time. The exploration of unexplained began with a gut feeling. People took risks, followed their beliefs, and investigated the unseen. Before science proves an idea, it is just a theory, and in the olden days, any thing that wasn’t understood was a myth, witchcraft, or magic.

The spirit realm is still a mystery to many. People have investigated the paranormal, taken pictures of spirits, and performed EMF readings to prove ghosts exist.

So how much proof does one need to believe in the spirit realm or an alternate “invisible” reality?


As you reflect upon the world, you are a reflection of the world.

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Everything that happens externally in your environment is a manifestation of your subconscious. We observe things at a macro level in the world that hold clues for you on a micro-level.
If the economy struggles, you may find yourself struggling to save up for a car or a house.
If there is fear in the world from bullying or personal attacks, maybe you experiencing that somewhere in your own life or community?

Our external environment is a mirror. The reflection reveals your inner self.
However, you cannot see the blemishes or beauty reflecting unless you are ready for it. …

A never ending and yet fulfilling journey.

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Spirituality is a word that is used more commonly these days to describe one’s belief system. I often encounter people who prefix their thoughts with, “Oh I’m not religious, I’m more spiritual”.

Does that mean you’re more open to things?

Do you meditate?

For me, being spiritual is a way to view my world. I look at everything as energy or a soul being on a journey of their own. Nothing really is right or wrong, but here to be experienced. I try to be more objective when I encounter challenges in my…

Free will or destiny?

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Soul connections come into your life to love you, help you and even hurt you. Is there one that is meant for you, the one true love?
I believe we have soul contracts with other souls that participate in our life to help us learn and flourish along the way.

Of course, these soul connections can vary in strength. Still, our human self form attractions and attachments to particular souls as these connections deepen. We may see this soul as our one true love or a soul mate put on this Earth for us.

Is this destiny at play?


As the year comes to a close, I wish you a Merry Christmas.

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There have been so many events the world has encountered. It is imperative to wonder what is next ? But no matter what comes, it is the resilience of the human soul that will persevere.

The soul has the gift of free will. Not necessarily the free will of creation of circumstance but free will in choosing how to respond to the situations at hand. Some accepted and adjusted, others resisted in protest. Each created a belief in their own right and proceeded to live in life how they felt how they should.

As this year comes to an end…

I recently posted this inspirational message on my Facebook group, Evolutionary You. Most readers found it difficult to remember the lessons without being disappointed or hard on themselves for their perceived mistakes. It has taken me a long time to view life as an experience as opposed to a compilation of right or wrong choices .

We are complex beings that experience passion, love, heartbreak, and cruelty and get caught up in the moment. After it passes, we dwell about:

  • What was said and done?
  • What could have been different ?
  • Why did we lose control ?

We allow fears…

Joy Lin

My name is Joy Lin and I have been a spiritual medium for over 10 years. For more information on my journey and services go to theclosetmedium.com

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